The Rotaball stainless steel tank washer is a compact, rotating-ball cleaning device used to wash the interiors of medium and smaller sized tanks. The Rotaball's powerful jets and multiple cleaning patterns make it the ideal tank washer for cleaning applications requiring more impingement than a Turbodisc, but less than a Fury. The Rotaball is self-operating. The flow of the cleaning fluid rotates the head at a steady pace to ensure maximun impact. The speed of rotation is positively governed by a simple drive device using no gears. The Rotaball is versatile. Rotaball washers come in 11/2", 2" and 3" ball sizes with either drilled holes or with extended nozzles for increased range. All sizes are available in three standard spray head designs to allow for cleaning from the top or from the bottom of closed tanks or for open-top and special tank cleaning applications.

Model 2S Model 2X Model 3S Model 3X Model 11/2"
INLET (NPT) 3/4" 3/4" 1•1/2" 1•1/2" 1/2"
WORKING PRESSURE 45-75 psi 45-75 psi 45-75 psi 45-75 psi 40-60 psi
FLOWRATE 14-24 gpm 18-24 gpm 34-48 gpm 36-48 gpm 7-10 gpm
JET RADIUS up to 7' up to 9' up to 10' up to 12'
WETTING RADIUS up to 10' up to 12' up to 14' up to 16' 4.0'
OVERALL LENGTH 6•1/8" 6•1/4" 7•5/8" 7•7/8" 4-7/16"
OVERALL DIAMETER 1•7/8" 2•5/8" 3•3/8" 3•3/8"
MIN. APERTURE 2" 2•3/4" 3•1/2" 3•1/2" 1-13/16"
WEIGHT 2 lb 4 oz 2 lb 5 oz 5 lb 7 oz 5 lb 8 oz 1.125 lb
ALL MODELS 212 F Maximum Operating Temperature
ALL MODELS 316 Stainless Steel and Teflon